Thursday, November 02, 2006

The source of Jakarta's congestion

Head of Jakarta Transportation Agency, Mr. Nurachman, is optimistic that Jakarta's traffic congestion problem will be solved in 5 years. That is if people use the busway. This statement was given at Metro TV's Padamu Negeri talk show this evening.

I think the theme of the talkshow, "Busway: Source of Jakarta's Congestion?" was ridiculous. Apparently many people are aggravated that the building of busway lines have taken so long, and taken valuable traffic space away. Nurachman, however, said that the main problem lies in the 300 new cars and 1,500 new motorcycles which are "born" everyday in Jakarta.

The head of Indonesia Transportation Society suggested that the government should conduct better public communication and be open to dialogues on problems caused by the process of building busway lines.

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  1. if such is the problem,
    why they allowed car and motorbike to be sold.
    stop production then!

    met lebaran nge,
    mo`on maap kalo ada salah salah :)

  2. Hey Son. Maaf lahir batin juga. Pulang kampung gak kmrn? Hehe..

    Production of cars and motorbikes is not the problem. We should not stop it. The problem - at the moment - is that there's no other safe, comfortable alternatives.

    If there are good alternatives, then sale of private vehicles will decrease automatically.