Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happiness, again

I'm not quite done with happiness. And, apparently, neither have 900 Harvard students who attend Tal Ben-Shahar's class twice a week to learn "how to get happy." The class, Psychology 1504, or Positive Psychology, seemed to have become the most popular course on campus.
The course focuses on the psychological aspects of a fulfilling and flourishing life. Topics include happiness, self-esteem, empathy, friendship, love, achievement, creativity, music, spirituality, and humor.
And don't forget to click that first link to get Six Tips for Happiness a la Ben-Shahar.

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  1. Sayang sekali, sekitar 2 minggu lalu video kuliahnya disini
    bisa diakses untuk umum. Sekarang sepertinya sudah tidak bisa lagi.