Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Shanghai Baby

Just finished reading Shanghai Baby by Wei Hui.
(Thanks UNDP, for the long flights to Makassar)

Damn, she is good.

First off, I like the bright yellow-red cover and the woman's serene face being portrayed. As I flipped through some pages, I immediately liked her writing style. And it's talking about a new generation of 'silver-lipsticked teenagers' and 'prostitutes turned wealthy socialites' in a changing China. A changing China! Who's not interested in that topic? The Americans & Europeans are seriously studying it as a threat to their supremacy. I want to study it because I want to know how to pose serious threats to supremacies. Hahaha... Anyway, the book's main character is a struggling writer who's determined to write a novel that will 'burst into fireworks over the city'.

Wei's done a great job in mixing party til you drop stories with deep penses on the ever-ambiguous meaning of love.

And yes, she's talking about a writer...
. . .

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  1. indeed,a changing China which not only scares the sh** out of outsiders, but also by the current leaders of the country...