Thursday, October 25, 2007

From wheat to web

Nature News has a good profile on M.S. Swaminathan and portrays a balanced view of the current state of India's "ICT for rural development" initiatives.

Still, what we have are anecdotes. After more than a decade of ICT for development initiatives, shouldn't we have hard data already?

Ashok Jhunjhunwala, head of the Telecom and Networks Group (TeNeT) at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, [...] says that the dozens of ICT projects across the country are a series of ongoing experiments, “some of which have worked”, he says, but “most of which haven't”.

“You'll hear about a village where ICTs have helped farmers get a better price for grain, or a village where someone has got better access to health care, but these are all anecdotal cases and don't represent the majority of ICT projects,” says Jhunjhunwala.


  1. hehehe...

    interested to write about ict for my final "skripsi"
    (cant find the right term :p)
    but my lecture says..
    you should evaluate somethin already happen

    already happen... :)

  2. Actually, quite a lot has been happening in Indonesia. From NGOs side, we have Combine (community based information network) in Jogja, Airputih (have worked on providing connectivity for NGOs operating in disaster areas), Koalisi Perempuan who has built telecenters at their local chapters. We also have the Pe-PP project based in Bappenas/UNDP (they're now building Indonesia Telecenter Network), Depkominfo that is building telecenters based in local post offices (called Warmasif), etc. See some links on the right.