Thursday, July 12, 2007

(Indonesian) TV Turnoff Day: Sunday 22 July

I just found out about this from my friend Ambar. Apparently we also have a TV turnoff time in Indonesia. And it's been going on at least since 2006.

Okay, so the turnoff time is not exactly a week like that promoted by Adbusters, but a day is good enough for starters. And while the message is not exactly anti corporate capitalism /consumerism, ensuring quality time (and building media awareness) for the family - especially children - is a very good cause indeed.

Indonesia's Gerakan Hari Tanpa TV (Day Without TV Movement) will be held on Sunday 22 July 2007, just one day before the National Children's Day (23 Juli 2007). Organizers are
Yayasan Pengembangan Media Anak (YPMA - Foundation for Development of Children's Media), Yayasan Kita dan Buah Hati (YKBH), and others.

Here's the webpage containing background information, contact details, and how you can participate.


  1. 100% agree with this movement, I believe it will be a prove that people don't need Tv just to get information or even entertainment. And one more thing, I hate sinetron, don't you ???

  2. Chika,
    thanks for your support! Yeah, the sinetrons are really bad, aren't they? :) But as some people say, sinetrons are a reflection of our people :(

  3. dunno anything about this.. but follow it,
    coz... tryin to be "anak kos" for this last few weeks,
    dont have any TV :D

    get the news from newspaper/radio/net
    newest song from the radio
    watching movie on my pc or going to the cinema (nomat of course :p)

    yeah... I can live without TV :)

    hate sinetron too, prefer those japanese dramas,
    simple and makes sense... somewhat inspiring but have low rating
    its all about the rating huh?

    still in love with radio anyway...

  4. Similar campaign as Adbuster did